Top 5 Companies Owned by Ford
Apr 21, 2023 By Kelly Walker

If you're looking to explore some of the innovative companies that Ford owns, you've come to the right place! Founded in 1903, Ford is one of the world's leading automotive companies and a symbol of quality and innovation.

So, without further ado, let's dive into this post and look at some of the impressive companies owned by Ford!

We will cover their history, the services they offer, the products they are known for, and more. Get ready to learn all about the incredible business investments made by Ford Motor Company over time!

Ford Motor Company

Founded in 1903, Ford Motor Company is one of the world's oldest and most successful automotive manufacturers. It is well-known for producing iconic vehicles like the Ford Model T and Mustang. Besides cars and SUVs, Ford has also invested in other innovative businesses.

It owns companies such as Argo AI, Autonomic, and Velodyne LiDAR. Ford also has a hand in developing advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), self-driving cars, and electric vehicles.

The company is committed to providing customers with safe and reliable vehicles that are also eco-friendly. Ford's portfolio of investments also includes companies that develop advanced technologies such as machine learning, artificial intelligence, and data analytics.

Lincoln Motor Company,

The Lincoln Motor Company, is a luxury vehicle brand owned by Ford Motor Company. Founded in 1917, Lincoln has become one of the most recognizable names in the automotive industry.

Lincoln's lineup includes a variety of vehicles, from sedans to crossovers and SUVs. With a wide range of models, buyers will find a vehicle to suit their needs.

Lincoln is beloved for its stately design, luxurious interiors, and advanced safety features. The company has also invested in technology that enhances the driving experience.

The Lincoln Sync 3 infotainment system is a highly-rated user interface with voice control and an 8-inch touchscreen. It also offers Apple CarPlay and Android Auto for easier connection to smartphones.

Ford Credit

Ford Credit is a financial services division of the Ford Motor Company that provides debt financing solutions to customers. It was founded in 1959 and provides automotive loans, leasing offers, and consumer credit cards across Europe, Asia, Australia, South America, and North America.

They offer competitive rates and flexible payment options, such as automatic payments from bank accounts or major credit cards. Ford Credit deals with individual customers and businesses, providing reliable financing options to help them purchase or lease vehicles from the company.

The Hertz Corporation

It is a global car-rental company that was acquired by Ford in 1994. The company has become one of the world's largest and most recognizable car rental businesses, starting with just a few hundred cars. Hertz currently operates over 10,000 locations in more than 150 countries worldwide.

It provides customers with various vehicle choices, from economy to luxury. The Hertz Corporation has also become a leader in corporate fleet management, providing services such as short-term rentals and long-term leases for businesses with large fleets.

In addition, the company offers customers innovative services such as its mobile app "Hertz Connect," which allows customers to make rental reservations, manage their rental agreement and even access a digital key for their rental car.

With its commitment to customer service and forward-thinking initiatives, it's no wonder Hertz is one of the leading companies owned by Ford Motor Company.

Autonomic Mobility and Transportation Technology Company (AMT)

Founded in 2017, Autonomic Mobility and Transportation Technology Company (AMT) is a technology company that focuses on creating innovative solutions for the automated vehicle industry.

AMT offers machine learning-based transportation services that allow customers to plan and execute their trips from start to finish. This means they can automate everything from route planning, parking availability, fare collection, vehicle tracking, and more.

They are working towards an autonomous, sustainable transportation future through their services.

Benefits of Owning Companies Under the Ford Umbrella

a. Financial Stability

Ford Motor Company has a long track record of success, giving them access to many financial resources that they can use to invest in other companies. This ensures financial stability and allows the company to take advantage of opportunities.

b. Reputation

Being part of the Ford family often comes with prestige and recognition, which can benefit marketing and branding. As the brand name is associated with quality and innovation, it's a good way for companies to gain customer visibility and trust.

c. Access to Resources

By owning other companies, Ford can access technology, personnel, or services they wouldn't otherwise have. This can benefit research and development, which is often necessary to stay ahead of the competition.

d. Long-Term Goals

Investing in other companies allows Ford to work towards long-term goals, such as advancing its mission of creating a sustainable future for everyone. By supporting innovative companies, Ford can help to bring about positive changes in the world.

e. Diversified Portfolio

By owning various companies, Ford can spread its risk and ensure that it will remain financially solvent even if one investment doesn't work out. This diversification also allows the company to capitalize on different markets and stay ahead of the competition.

f. Brand Loyalty and Customer Interaction Opportunities

Companies owned by Ford can leverage the trust and brand loyalty associated with the Ford name to increase customer engagement. This can be especially beneficial for smaller companies that wouldn't otherwise have a chance to reach their target market.


Does Ford own BMW?

No, Ford does not own BMW. While Ford has owned several automotive brands over time, it does not currently own BMW or any other vehicle brand outside of its namesake.

How many brands does Ford own?

Ford Motor Company currently owns several automotive brands. This includes Ford, Lincoln, Troller (Brazil), Jaguar Land Rover, and Daewoo Commercial Vehicles (South Korea).

Ford also has a controlling stake in Aston Martin and Argo AI, an artificial intelligence company.

Additionally, the firm holds minority stakes in Zotye Auto (China) and Mahindra Automotive (India). In total, this makes eight automotive brands that Ford currently owns.

What type of products does Ford make?

Ford is a leading global car manufacturer that produces a variety of vehicles and related products. The company's lineup includes commercial vehicles, SUVs, pickup trucks, sedans, and electric vehicles.

Ford also makes, distributes, and sells various automotive parts and accessories. The firm is best known for producing popular vehicles like the Mustang, F-150 pickup truck, Escape SUV, and Transit van.

Additionally, Ford invests heavily in autonomous vehicle technology through its subsidiary Argo AI.


There you have it - a brief glimpse into some of the companies owned by Ford Motor Company. From performance parts and software to design and engineering, Ford has made successful investments that continue to shape the automotive industry today.

As one of the world's leading automobile manufacturers, Ford remains an innovative automotive technology leader, providing customers with practical, reliable, and advanced products.

As Ford continues to invest in new companies, we can only wonder what type of revolutionary technology will be produced! We hope you enjoyed learning about the innovative companies owned by Ford. Thanks for reading!